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Tcl/Tk Projects

Currently we are working on a number of projects to extend the reach of Tcl, the "ultimate enterprise glue".

Cross Platform Source: -

Extension Version Source Description
ldap 3.0 ldap30.tgz A simple, yet powerful binding to the LDAP C API, allowing a range of sophisticated LDAP-aware applications. This extension has been in heavy production use since mid 98'.
tls 1.3 tls13.tar.gz A portable extension that provides the power of OpenSSL to Tcl programs. This extension can be used to utilize SSL encryption on top of any valid Tcl Channel - not just sockets!
tcl++ 2.3.0 tcl++230.tar.gz A "Pure Tcl" implementation of [Incr Tcl] and [Incr Tk] - ideal for use in the Tcl Plugin.

Windows Specific Source: -

Extension Version Source Description
tclsvc 1.1 tclsvc11.tar.gz Compact tcl interpreter that allows any Tcl program to run as a fully fledged Windows NT Service.
tlink32 1.1 tlink11.tgz A generic binding to the IShell interface for inspecting and creating/modifying Windows Shortcuts.

Binaries: -

Extension Version Tcl/Platform Download Description
[Incr-Tcl/Tk] 3.0.1 8.0.5-win32 [Incr Tcl], [Incr Tk] and [Incr Widgets] built on NT 4.0 SP3, but suitable for all Win32 platforms.
[Incr-Tcl/Tk] 3.1.0 8.2b3-win32 itcl31-82.tar.gz [Incr Tcl], [Incr Tk] and [Incr Widgets] built on NT 4.0 SP3, but suitable for all Win32 platforms.
Tcl/Tk & [Incr-Tcl/Tk] 8.2.0 8.2.0-win32 itcl82.exe FULL Installation of Tcl/Tk + Incr built with threads enabled.
Tcl/Tk 8.2.0 8.2.0-win32 tclre82.exe MINIMAL Installation of Tcl/Tk built with threads enabled.
ldap 3.0 8.2b3-win32 ldap30-82.tar.gz Includes Netscape LDAP DLL.
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