University of Glasgow

Glasensor comprises two Biologists, four Biomedical Engineers and three Electrical and Electronic Engineers. By working together we aim to share our knowledge in each field and unite it in order to create a device that would bring great innovations in healthcare. Enthusiasm and creativity are the driving forces in this project and we are extremely excited and thankful to have been granted this opportunity. Participating in this competition will help us get an insight into what could be our world once we have graduated and will most definitely enrich our knowledge in each one of our areas of studies. Furthermore, collaborating with students from other areas of studies will help us understand fields that will not be covered in our degree, granting us even more opportunities once we will have completed our course of studies. Meeting students from other universities and countries and seeing how they have worked is extremely important to us and we are very excited to be coming to Eindhoven.

Our aim is to create a unique device with future applications in the real world, while working with and meeting different people and covering new topics.
We are happy to give it our all, knowing that what we will gain from the experience will be unique.



Julien Reboud

Team members
Wing See Elaine Ma
Krishan Sharma-McLachlan
Maruva Rashe
Lujie Peng
Zimo Zhao
Rebecca Shepherd
Zhang Zehao
Kaya Uke
Daisy Ferraro