UPC + UVic

Our team is a multiskilled team formed by biomedical engineering students and electrical engineering students from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) and the University of Vic - Central University of Catalonia (UVic-UCC). The team is headed by Jasmina Casals.

Adalimumab is an antibody. This makes it difficult to produce in large quantities and very expensive. If there was a better quantification of its presence in blood, treatments could be more personalized and costs would be reduced.

Our aim in the competition is to develop a precise and useful biosensor that detects the amount of Adalimumab in blood while being portable and environmentally friendly.

We consider ourselves as very positive students and thorough when it comes to develop a system. Furthermore, we strongly believe that teamwork is key as well as communication. It is a pleasure to take part in this competition that allows us to use our passion for medicine and technology.



Jasmina Casals-Terré

Team members
Andrea Fernández Martínez
Oriol García Martín
Carlota Mestre Climent
Laura Mansilla Valle
Ramon Angosto Artigues
Paula Remón Baranda
Ignacio Moragues Rodríguez
Aina Tersol Montserrat
Daniel Benítez Gracia
Alex Escalera Balcells
Nicole Priddey
Josep Solà Pladevall
Helena Gallego Carbó 
Alejandro Villalba de la Arada
Jahn Carlo Adao Abe

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