Uppsala University

The AdUp Sense team reflects the spirit of the SensUs 2019 with our interdisciplinary and inclusive outlook. With 14 members from diverse academic backgrounds ranging from computer science, electrical and chemical engineering to biology, pharmacy and industrial management, we represent Uppsala University’s dedication to research and innovation. Within this team, with the guidance from our mentors and supervisors, we possess all the technical expertise and skills to successfully engineer a sustainable biosensor. Despite the differences in our academic background and cultural heritage that defines us as individuals, our vision of improving patient care unifies us.

We envision creating a non-expensive, accurate, reliable and user friendly device which has the potential to improve therapeutic outcome of patients being treated with Adalimumab. During this time, we hope to collaborate and learn from each other, grow as scientists and individuals. We are confident in creating a design which will withstand scrutiny and stand successfully along with our peers in Eindhoven next autumn.

About supervisors
Gemma Mestres has been coach of the Uppsala University team since the first edition of SensUs. She belongs to the Division of Microsystems Technology/Uppsala University with the background of development and biological characterisation of biomaterials for tissue regeneration.

Zahra Atena Khaji holds a Master degree in Electronic Engineering and a PhD in Microsystems Technology. She is currently doing her postdoc at EMBLA group at the Division of Microsystems Technology/Uppsala University. Her research is focused on microfluidic solutions for analysis of single cells and molecules.

Masood Kamali-Moghaddam received his PhD in Pharmaceutical Microbiology at Dept. of Pharmaceutical Biosciences at Uppsala University.Currently, he works as Associate Professor in Molecular Diagnostics at same department and continues working on development of highly sensitive molecular tools for search for protein and exosome biomarkers and early diagnostics.



Masood Kamali-Moghaddam

Team members
Fawad Ahmad
Weam Hijazi
Therese You
Adarsh Tewari
Luis Silva
Mikael Svensson
Triinu Linkgreim
Ziyu Cen
Spandana Kotian
Anna Eliasson
Anh Duc Pham
Kedar Suhas Joshi