The Netherlands

University of Twente

We are a student team from the University of Twente, located in Enschede, the Netherlands. Through participating in this competition we aim to deliver advanced, sustainable technological solutions with high societal value. Our goal is to produce biosensors which focus on high performance as well as the users’ needs. We choose to participate in this competition because we are competitive, ambitious students who want to improve the quality of life by applying theoretical knowledge to real world problems. The strength of our team lies in our interdisciplinarity, diversity and entrepreneurial spirit. 

The SensUs 2020 competition is our first year of participation. We therefore aim to set-up the foundation for a solid student team and have fun while doing so. Our goal is to produce a feasible biosensor that is able to distinguish a target molecule, tuning it to the users needs and offering a good value proposition for business. We believe participation will let us acquire wisdom and experience, and teaches us meaningful lessons about ourselves and our capabilities. Finally, participating gives us the opportunity to meet and collaborate with interesting and experienced people.

Loes Segerink
She is an associate professor at our University and the initiator of our student team. In her research she focuses on the development of microfluidic systems for (bio)medical applications.

Pep Canyelles Pericas
He is a researcher at our University and our close contact to experts and supervisors. He is part of the research group Integrated Devices and Systems and also works on Mesoscale Chemical Systems.


Loes Segerink
Pep Canyelles Pericas

Team members
Wu Qi
Marlen Braun
Gijsbert Pelleboer
Nicolas Georgilopoulos
Yujia Kong
Paloma Duenas Robles
Danique Hemme
Martijn Lam
Katharina Kück