The American University in Cairo

Professor / supervisor: Hassan Azzazy

As a multi-disciplinary team, we strive to learn from one another. Going into this project, most team members were specialized in their field with little or no experience in other fields. Each team member would occasionally sit with a team member from a different field and try to understand and grasp the underlying theories, concepts and applications to what that team member is doing in regards to his contribution to the research. This is the first time any of us has experienced such a project and for each and every one, it is a great learning experience, and this will not be the last project of its kind anyone of us would participate in. Our initial goal was to take this competition as a purpose of research and not just fulfilling a task to reach the grand prize. This does not deny the fact that we will try our best to win this competition. There is no doubt that each and everyone of us wants to win, however, the contribution to science and knowledge attained is undoubtedly a greater gain. Having built a working device would be a great achievement to all of us. We are all putting in our maximum effort to bring out the best quality product and we will definitely not come back from there empty handed.