SensUs 2019: In short


The final contest of SensUs 2019 took place on the 30th of August at Eindhoven University of Technology. It was a vibrant event with fourteen teams from North-America, Africa, Asia and Europe competing for awards. More than 10.000 people voted and the cumulative visitor count online was 22.000, from over 80 countries.

The focus of SensUs 2019 was on rheumatism and the 14 teams had developed small sensors to measure in blood the concentration of a very important medicine: adalimumab. Visitors from all over the world watched the event on the online SensUs Digital platform, featuring livestreams, pictures, live data of the testing and much more.

The teams demonstrated their sensors and presented live pitches. They were judged by an international, multidisciplinary jury on Analytical Performance (the best measurement of adalimumab in blood plasma), Translation Potential (probability that the concepts will make it into society), and Creativity (novelty of approach and used techniques). A fourth award was given to the team that inspired the world the most and received the most votes: the Public Inspiration award.

SensUs group picture

This year’s winning team was T.E.S.T. from the Netherlands. They won 1st place in Analytical Performance and Creativity. Team SynoSense from Belgium (Leuven) won the Translation Potential award. The team AixSense from Germany took first place in the Public Inspiration award, receiving the most votes of all teams. The runner-ups were TruSense from China for Public Inspiration, BiosensUM from Canada for Creativity, EPFsens from Switzerland for Translation Potential, and team AUSense from Egypt for Analytical Performance.

Test is the Winner!
Meet the Partners

On the day before the contest, the teams had a highly interactive program at the Eindhoven High Tech Campus, with focus on entrepreneurship and interactions with companies, at the so-called Meet the Partners Event. The companies had workshops with the students on topics such as microfluidics and product development. Furthermore, the Start-Up Event took place, where new start-ups taught the teams what it takes to make the next step: becoming a start-up.

Other initiatives

At the SensUs event, special workshops were organized for medical professionals, highschool teachers, and for the general public. For the public, workshops were given by ReumaCare Nederlands, Smart Living and Peter Joosten about health and disease. Two post-graduate training courses were given, one for high school teachers and one for medical professionals. 

Furthermore, the High Schools Project took place, with 8 competing teams from 7 High Schools. They gave pitches and showed their posters to the public. Team Frits Philips won this year’s high school award.

We thank all universities, partners, healthcare professionals, and the public from all over the world for contributing to SensUs 2019 and we look forward to a great competition in 2020!

High schools winners

Aftermovie SensUs 2019