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Hello, everybody! We are BarcelonaSensing, our team is a multidisciplinary team formed by students of biomedical engineering and biomedical sciences from the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) and the University of Barcelona (UB). The team is led by Dr.Jasmina Casals and Dr.Jordi Colomer.

Our team members have deep knowledge about both electronics and biosciences which gives the team great tools and motivation to develop the best product possible.

We are sure SensUs will give us the opportunity to learn more and develop new useful skills in the product development field. Furthermore, this experience will enable us to see all the steps that take part in the creation process, including its design, fabrication and presentation. The fact that it is a cooperative work will make us learn from each other, and, when exposing, from our competitors.

Despite the current situation, we are willing to try our best. Go BarcelonaSensing!



Supervisor and Coaches
Jasmina Casals-Terré
Researcher at the SSPBS - SiCBio Group and the University of Barcelona. PhD in Microelectronic Engineering and Advanced Technologies.

Jordi Colomer
Teaching courses in Mechanical Engineering Department (Machine Design, Manufacturing Courses). Researcher in the field of MEMS and Microfluidics. Principal Investigator MicroTech Lab ( PhD Coordinator of Mechanical, Fluids and Aeronautics Engineering.

Helena Riesco Domingo
Helena Rodríguez González
Maria Mor Basart
Oriol Caro
Hamid Khosravi