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Carediobit is KU Leuven’s team of highly motivated students from different countries, with different academic backgrounds and different interests but with one shared goal: to create an outstanding biosensor!

To accomplish this goal, the team members will unite knowledge from five different faculties, as there are representatives from the faculty of Bioscience Engineering, Engineering Science, Engineering Technology, Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences. The team will be subdivided into three groups: the Bioassay Development Team, the Sensor Technology Team and the Signal Processing Team, each focusing on one part of the sensor development but in the end merging their accomplishments into an innovative biosensor for recognition of NT-proBNP.

With these joint forces and under supervision of the MeBioS Biosensor group of prof. Jeroen Lammertyn, the team will tackle the SensUs challenge of developing an innovative biosensor by exploring the state of the art, learning from experts in the biosensor field and combining the talents of all members. As such, the Carediobit team will engage itself to the highest of its abilities to overcome the current technology limitations regarding NT-proBNP sensors.

The team is ready for you, but are you ready for the team? Be prepared and see you in Eindhoven!

Jeroen Lammertyn

Team members
Bram Carlier
Hanne Engels
Pilar Iranzo
Rodrigo Pérez
Shahin Safazadeh
Kinga Starostka
Anke Vandenplas
Gaëtan Van Mieghem
Nina Versin