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Hi everyone, we hereby present our team, the DeTectUs. Our team consists of 15 people of many nationalities and different backgrounds, from biotechnologists to physicists and electronic engineers. The motivation behind joining this competition is different for each individual, but the main reasons are the desire of learning through a real-life based project, and to achieve to develop efficient biosensor for heart failure.

One of the most attractive features of SensUs to us is the fact of being an interdisciplinary project. This means that everyone needs to have a big picture of the project in order to develop a prototype efficiently in a short period of time. And we say that is attractive because sometimes, while studying a specialization, one gets the risk of getting too much into a topic and losing the perspective. SensUs makes students face what happens in real life: cooperation between different background engineers and scientists that combining and sharing their knowledge get to create a final product.

Our ultimate goal is to build a functional user-friendly sensor that can help to prevent heart failure and eventually saving lives.

Winnie Edith Svendsen

Maria Dimaki

Team members
Apostolos Dragoumanos
Dionysia Valkani
Emil Ludvigsen
Exarchos Kanelis
Marc Baiget Francesch
Mihai Gurei
Mohamad El Lakany
Nicolai Jensen
Konstantinos Kalogeropoulos
Selgin Deniz Cakal
Stine Løvholt Grue
Przemysław Mikulski
Qihui Yu