Technical University of Denmark

Professor / supervisor: Winnie E. Svendsen

The SensUs DTU team-DeTectUs is a combination of motivated, enthusiastic, local and international students from various backgrounds. The team consists of people from multiple study lines, such as Physics and Nanotechnology, Pharmatechnology, Biotechnology, Electrical Engineering and Industrial Engineering, rendering the team highly versatile, multidisciplinary and innovation oriented. Throughout the various steps, that will be taking place for creating the biosensor, we aim to acquire creative feedback and guidance from our professors who share our vision and ambition about making a positive impact to the world. Furthermore, by promoting and embracing diversity, technical and personal, we hope to expand our interpersonal skills and learn to work as a team.

The team’s goal is to develop a novel biosensor for a rapid, precise and accurate detection for monitoring the levels of vancomycin in blood. We try to combine theory and innovation and apply them in real life problems, making a strong impact on the lives of everyday patients.

Our dream is to develop a robust, easy to use and affordable device which can be made widely available on a commercial scale towards a better world.