Kongens Lyngby, Denmark

Technical University of Denmark

We are team DeTectUs, representing Denmark’s Technical University (DTU). We are a conglomerate
of students with different backgrounds ranging from biomedical engineering, pharmaceutical
engineering to electrical and mechanical engineering, with multiple nationalities, which we consider
to be our strongest assets. Our curiosity is just like the never-settling winds of Denmark, always
exploring and driving change.

We take sepsis personally, and we want to contribute to the fight against its late detection and
treatment. We are ready to take on any challenge that may arise, no matter how bumpy the ride will
be; after all, we have been training day and night on the rollercoasters in the oldest amusement park
in the world, near DTU at Bakken. Our goal is to make a biosensor that will help in intensive care
units to detect sepsis at an early stage to be able to make the right treatment as soon as possible.

We can’t wait to meet all the teams, share experiences with each other, and invite you on an
adventurous ride with us.


Winnie E. Svendsen:
She is the main responsible person for our team DeTectUs, is a member of the jury and co-founder of
SensUs. She is a professor in biotechnology and biomedicine and is working with Micro and Nano
integrated system for Bio Medical application.

Gitte Elvers-Thomsen:
She is responsible for DeTectUs project planning, management, team support and team captain
support. She also helps with budget and reporting deadlines.

Maria Dimaki:
She is responsible for DeTectUs education (ECTS) scientific and technical support, lab access, security
clearance and purchases.