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A diverse team – both in terms of nationality and degree subjects – GlasGo consists of 14 students who are focussed and ready to create! We range from medics, to biomedical engineers, to mathematicians and everything in between – including our ‘wild card’, a law student!

Though our individual motivations for entering SensUs vary and reflect our various academic interests there are a few common threads. Desire to gain knowledge and practical experience, as well as a wish to advance a field which can have an incredibly positive impact on people’s lives are amongst our key motivations. We were also attracted by the unique and engaging challenge this competition presents.

We look forward to working together as a team and embracing our diversity as a chance to gain skills and knowledge from one another. Predictably the key indicator of success to us will be the creation of an effective biosensor which has the ability to improve lives. However, we also believe it is very important that during the creating process we have fun and enjoy the experience.

Julien Reboud

Team members
Theodore​ ​Tzirides
Ioana​ ​Susnoschi Luca
Samyak​ ​Fredrick​ ​Shah
Margarita Ivanova
Thomas​ ​William​ ​Parry
Nathaniel​ ​Quail
Vicente​ ​Ferrer​ ​Gallardo
Theodora​ ​Torcea
Izabel​ ​Alvares
Yujie Zhang
Weeser​ ​Tan
Anna​ ​Nelson