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Influwegians, if you can crack this play on words, you’ll already know all about our team!

Based in world-changing Glasgow, we are an international team of students from all corners of the globe, united by our love of research and passion for biosensing. Glasgow is considered one of the greenest cities in the UK, world-famous for its parks and green spaces. True to this legacy, we will hold sustainability at the very heart of our design process. We hope to seamlessly combine the talents of all the Influwegians to create an innovative device that will revolutionize the healthcare industry.

Remote working, diverse time zones and travel restrictions are but a fraction of the challenges we face every day, yet our unwavering determination to design the best possible biosensor will never fade.



Dr. Julien Reboud
Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering in the James Watt School of Engineering. His research focuses on integrating engineering and biology for the benefits of healthcare, using his expertise in microfluidics, biosensing and synthetic biology.

Professor Jonathan M. Cooper
FREng, FRSE is the Wolfson Chair of Bioengineering in the School of Engineering. He has a wide expertise including in particular lab-on-a-chip and advanced imaging techniques, with a keen interest in commercialization, as a serial founder of start-up companies, and knowledge exchange more broadly.

Rebecca Bean
Hasitha Senevirathne
Matteo Rochon Cocchiara
Finlay McAndrew
Ilse Jansen
Pablo Moran Ruiz
Jinfeng Liu
Sofia Herrero Barros
Lucía Muñoz Bohollo
Gabriel Dzharadat
Jacob Skipper
Bei Zhan​​​

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