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KreaSensa is an international blend of 15 motivated students from six different departments of Belgium’s KU Leuven. The team unites the faculties of Bioscience Engineering, Engineering Science, Engineering Technology, Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Science. The multidisciplinary backgrounds, insights and perspectives are channeled into three subgroups: the Bioassay Development Team, the Sensor Technology Team, and the Signal Processing Team. By concentrating our skills and joining forces later on, we plan to bring our best game to the TU Eindhoven stage.

Brought together by and under the supervision of the MeBioS Biosensor group of prof. Jeroen Lammertyn, the KreaSensa team members take up the challenge to tackle an actual present-day clinically relevant problem, during their education. They hereby get the chance to explore the field, apply what they’ve learned up till now, and learn from the interaction with students from other departments. The team aspires to develop a biosensor that overcomes the limitations of current technology regarding creatinine sensors.

As we see it, nine months of collaboration between 15 young people from various cultural and academic backgrounds will undoubtedly be an exciting and rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Win or lose, all that matters is... Challenge accepted!

Team members
Olivier Bollen
Rani Soenen
Osamah Al-Ghezi
Robbe Saesen
Hannah Agten
Florian De Rop
Ellen Staljanssens
Jolien Breukers
Maria Katsafadou
Linye Lyu
Jehan Nozer Taraporewalla
Jens Lepoudre
Pieter Piron
Shoera Sels