DDW 2017: SensUs shares its story

A world in which healthcare will be all about personalized medicine - this was our message during the Dutch Design Week, a week about design, technology and research.

We were invited to present during the “Mind the Story” event, which focuses on discussions with the general public. We spoke about biosensors in our everyday lives and about the SensUs competition. Afterwards the public asked us questions related to biosensors and the future of healthcare.  

We also presented in an event about Superheroes, organized by Barry Fitzgerald, our master of ceremony during the previous SensUs editions. It was a magical evening about superheroes, alien forces and the universe of Marvel. In our presentation we focused on how superheroes can use biosensors in order to protect themselves and humanity against villains. For instance, did you know that the iron man would not have existed without his futuristic suit full of sensors? At the end we had a discussion with the audience about the role of biosensors in superhero movies.

All together it was a very interesting week for the SensUs organization. We enjoyed the Dutch Design Week and it was a pleasure to share our story about biosensors!