Detecting tumors at home

Personalized health care at home is becoming more relevant than ever before. Biosensors play a key role in this, since they can check your health with ease of use. Science journalist Diederik Jekel will give a lecture about this innovative research field: the future of personalized healthcare.

An important aim in healthcare is to let people live high-quality lives in their own environments. Miniaturized and easy to use biochemical sensing devices will become increasingly important for monitoring, treating and coaching of patients. Consequently, the coming decades the need for biochemical sensing technologies will increase.

The mission of SensUs is to stimulate education and innovation in molecular health sensing by organizing an international competition for students. Next to this, the SensUs organization aims to raise awareness and discussion about the role of biosensors in society

That is why SensUs organizes, in cooperation with Studium Generale Eindhoven, a lecture that will focus on the future of healthcare, personalized and at home.

Diederik Jekel, science journalist and writer, will provide this lecture. He has a big passion for the natural sciences and is regularly seen on television in programs such as "De Wereld Draait Door" to explain new scientific developments. Next to this Diederik presents the program "De Kennis van Nu".

Diederik Jekel is not unfamiliar with biosensing. When he was 17 years old, he was diagnosed with diabetes type 1.

The lecture will be given at Technical University Eindhoven, Wednesday 31st of May.

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