The Science Festival: We are biosensors ourselves!

The SensUs Organization contributed to the TU/e Science Festival on Sunday 8th of October. It was an exciting day for young and old, with presentations about research being done at the University and the Science Show hosted by Valerio Zeno!

We invited visitors to look upon themselves in a new way, namely as a biosensor! We organized two interesting experiments so that especially kids could become familiar with the concept of biosensors.

Actually, the human body is one big sensor. The body can sense for example temperature, touch and also taste. During the event, visitors were able to test their own tongue as a biosensor. The kids could taste bitter, sweet and sour food. They were thrilled by the fact that they are a biosensor themselves!  

In a second experiment, we compared different kinds of soda. Sodas are all liquid and tasty. But when we have a closer look, they are actually very different from each other. Kids detected the pH values of different sodas with pH paper. Children all thought that water and 7-up are the same, according to color. But with the pH sensor, the children could see that cola, 7-up and water are totally different when it comes to acidity. They were impressed by the results of the experiment.

It was a very interesting day with curious visitors who all learned about biosensors and the SensUs competition. We hope that you all got inspired by the world of science, technology and biosensing!