SensUs team update: Creative9

This is the fourth edition of a series of updates from the SensUs student teams. In this series, the teams summarize what they have been doing, recently. This week is the update from the Creative9, the Copenhagen SensUs Student Team:

During this month, we have been spending a lot of time in the lab, as well as in meetings, to keep ourselves updated of every thing that was going on experimentally.

The molecular biology team has synthesized the first imprinted (MIPs) and non imprinted (NIPs) polymers. Some variables as the kind of organic solvent used and the polymerization time have been tested. After obtaining the first polymer particles, a more optimal protcol with the variables that, so far, worked better, has been elaborated. These particles are meant to be embedded to the electrode, once this has been coated with a light-sensitive polymer.

The physics team has measured the impedance of the blood plasma using the micrux interdigitated electrodes using a 3 electrode setup. On visual inspection, the results looked similar to the ones obtained in the experiment carried on by Pradhan, R. et al. (2012). Next, the team wants try out the MIPs as well as anti-creatinine antibodies. In parallel, the physics team started reading about the Jaffe method to see if we can use it as an alternative.

Currently, the team is looking forward to see how the MIP-based sensor performs once the electrodes are functionalized, and also how the second sensor is going to finally be built.

Best regards,

Creative9, the Copenhagen SensUs Student Team