SensUs team update: T.E.S.T.

This is the fifth edition of a series of updates from the SensUs student teams. In this series, the teams summarize what they have been doing recently. This week is the update from T.E.S.T., the TU/e SensUs Team.

TU/e SensUs Team (T.E.S.T.) worked hard to test the two concepts they found and all the different facets of the biosensor. After months of hard work on both concepts, one concept has been chosen.

For now we've decided upon a system that uses optical detection to determine the concentration of creatinine in blood plasma. We have already seen that this system shows a measurable response to creatinine, although not in the right concentration range yet.

In the coming period we will focus on implementing the system into an easy to use device, optimizing the sensitivity of the system and general optimization. With only two-and-a-half months to go, we know this is going to be a challenge. However, we are confident that we will present a working biosensor during the competition days in September.