Tech & Play Kids Festival

SensUs contributed to the Tech & Play Kids Festival on Friday 28th December. The festival offers a variety of engaging activities for all ages. A place to experiment and learn together.

Tech & Play Kids Festival is an annual event organised by the Library of Eindhoven. Together with a lot of partners, they offer a day full of innovation for all ages. Alongside learning programming, making slime and making a luminous badge, we offered kids to join in on a little biosensor experiment.

In the SensUs area, children were encouraged to build their own biosensor. Their self-built biosensor compared different kinds of soda. Sodas are all liquid and tasty, but when we have a closer look, they are actually very different. Kids detected the pH values with their biosensor containing a pH paper. For most children, this was the first experiment they ever did, so they were all very excited. With the pH sensor, the children could see that cola, 7-up and water are totally different when it comes to acidity. They were impressed by the results. The experiment shows that looking with our eyes only is not enough, and marks the importance of biosensors.

All in all, it was a day full of innovation and we hope we made the visitors enthusiastic about technology.