Tech & Play Kids festival: Build your own biosensor

On Thursday 28th of December the SensUs Organization contributed to the Tech & Play Kids Festival in Eindhoven. A day full of technical innovations where children could experiment, collaborate, and learn.

The event, organized by the Eindhoven library, offered a large range of activities for children and families: fly a drone, build your own musical instrument, build a robot, learn to program, hop on the Sustainable Discover-bus, bring your own drawing to life, and many more!

In the SensUs area the kids and parents were invited to build their own biosensor. In this way they could become familiar with the concept of biosensors. Their self-built biosensor compared different kinds of soda. Sodas are all liquid and tasty, but when we have a closer look, they are actually very different. Kids detected the pH values with their biosensor containing pH paper. Most of the children thought that water and 7-up would be the same, according to color. But with the pH sensor, the children could see that cola, 7-up and water are totally different when it comes to acidity. They were impressed by the results of the experiment. It shows that looking with our eyes is not enough, and marks the importance of a biosensor.

It was an exciting day where many biosensors were built and used! We hope that you all got inspired by the world of science, technology and biosensing!