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We are the SensUs-Team “SensAble” of the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern. The team includes nine students from different fields of study such as Nano Systems and Micro Technologies and Applied Life Sciences, which will allow us to merge the professional skills of engineering and science. The profound knowledge of fabricating nano- and microsystem devices empowers the group to create and build sensors of microscale structures.

Furthermore, the interdisciplinary field of Applied Life sciences contributes the insight of biochemical processes as well as the knowledge about the interaction between antibodies and antigens. Thus, this combination of engineering and science provides the opportunity to accomplish the development of a new sensor which approaches the detection of the biomarker BNP in a new way. Thereby, the motivation and the interest arose to work interdisciplinary and to think beyond boundaries to develop a solution for this new sensor.

Furthermore, to work interdisciplinary allows students from different fields of study to obtain insight in diverse areas for instance from the developing and fabricating a sensor to the detection of the biomarker.

Hence, this idea of a biosensor has driven us to join SensUs to present our approach of a sensor as well as to learn from other groups participating in SensUs.

The goal for our team is to develop a fully functional and innovative sensor that is able to detect not only the BNP biomarker but also diverse biomarkers in human blood.

Sven Ingebrandt

Team members
Benjamin Heidt
Janna Papenburg
Tobias Teucke
Isabelle Schneider
Stefanie Wiedemann
Yannick David Lang
Michele Schroeter
Madeleine Born
Carolina Baus