United States of America

North Carolina State University

Professor / supervisor: Michael Daniele

SenseNC is composed of a diverse group of individuals who are bringing their skills together to achieve one goal. Amongst these individuals are Engineering, Design,and Businesses students. Our collective efforts bridge the gap between all of the different skills. The team’s goals consist of implementing innovation, technology and design into the medical world. We are striving to improve population health outcomes and prevent against antibiotic resistance. This competition is all about gaining experience by encountering and solving problems as an interdisciplinary team.  

With this goal in mind, we are prepared to handle whatever challenges we may face and will do our best to overcome them. SenseNC is ready to step out of our comfort zone and dig deep. We dream of being proficient, and we excited to use SensUs 2018 as an opportunity to express our passion for helping people using technical and commercial innovation. We will be ready to show SenseUS what we are all about!

NC State