United Kingdom

Imperial College London

Professor / supervisor: Tony Cass

SensImperial is the Imperial College London team taking part in SensUs 2018, with the ambitious goal to successfully design and prototype a quick and efficient biosensor for the last-resort antibiotic vancomycin.

Our team consists of 11 passionate and dedicated undergraduate Imperial students, striving to apply their knowledge to solve real-life problems. Our abilities are covering a wide range, as our team incorporates chemists, medicinal chemists, biomedical engineers and electrical engineers. This was to ensure that our project benefits both on the biochemical part (how do we want to sense the drug?) and on the engineering part (how do we want the sensor to look/be used?). Also, having different backgrounds, we can also learn from each others and aim to grow as well-rounded researchers, because science and engineering are only useful when applied together.

Our goals have 2 sides; first, we are aiming to design a good biosensor, that is reliable, efficient, quick and easy to use. We are hoping that our final product will be useful to patients and individuals specialised in medicine (medics, nurses etc), allowing for a better, more controlled administration of vancomycin.

However, our second aim is to learn as much as possible from this experience: how to put our theoretical ideas in practice, how to conduct a research project, how to work as efficiently as possible in a group. We are also thrilled to be able to take part in the final in Eindhoven, where we hope that meeting other passionate students will help us expand our horizons.

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