Uppsala University

The Uppsala SensUs team is a big mix of nationalities and special fields, with people from all over the world and majors in everything from Immunology to Chemical Engineering, covering a variety of fields within molecular medicine and biotechnology. Only three team members are natively Swedish, while the remaining 12 come from France, Spain, China, Greece, Italy, Austria, Brazil, Lithuania and Moldova!

Although the team members comes from different backgrounds, everybody has in common the reasons for joining the SensUs team: apply their knowledge to something practical, learn how to collaborate with people outside on their own field, create something new and getting to set up a project like this in all of its aspects. We hope to get valuable insights into each other’s special fields, improve our team working skills and of course, have fun! In addition to the technical and biological challenges ahead, there are organisational task that need to be tackled by us as students. This gives us another opportunity to improve our skills in management, networking, communication and maybe others that will be revealed on the way. What we hope to achieve by participating in SensUs 2016 is that everybody can increase their knowledge, become a better team player, build valuable friendships, know what to consider when setting up a project like this and form lasting, international connections and collaborations.

With Uppsala University being located in one of Sweden’s biggest biotechnology centres, SensUs Uppsala is well equipped to handle challenges we may encounter on our way. Uppsala is home to large biotech corporations such as GE Healthcare, Abbott Medical Optics and Thermo Fisher Scientific, besides the mayor biomedical center run by Uppsala University.

Uppsala has also a very lively student environment, with lots of events and activities going on. When the team is not in the lab or brainstorming, we are most likely enjoying a break in one of the many student nations, having fika or a beer.

If each team member could have one wish, it would be to see their finished biosensor in use around the world. However, even if that would not be the case, each member will still feel successful and accomplished for having done their very best in trying to achieve their dreams. This is the ultimate goal for the Uppsala team: to try the hardest we can!

- Signed the Uppsala team

Team members
Tsirigoti Chrysoula
Ao Gao
Pedro Garcia
Candice Gautier
Jon Enbom
Alexandros Karampatzakis
Javier Cruz
Mauro Miguel Masiero
Mindaugas Pauzuolis
Clara Quijano-Rubio
Andreas Röckert
Camille Ridde
Silvia Vicenzi
Miriam Wahlhutter