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TU/e SensUs Team, T.E.S.T., is a multidisciplinary team which consists of eleven students from different faculties of Eindhoven University of Technology like Biomedical Engineering, Applied Physics, and Electrical Engineering. The team includes both Bachelor and Master students.

Our team members have different goals and motives. Some want to gain hands-on experience in the biosensing field, others would like to address the problem of globally rising costs of health care. But we all share the same passion: everyone is fascinated by all the processes happening in our trillions of cells every second of every day, and every team member wants to do all they can to improve healthcare.

In September 2017, the final SensUs contest will be held. The target molecule for this year is NT-proBNP, which is a key biomarker for heart failure. Winning the prizes during the event is not our only goal. What we are really dreaming of is to create an actual point-of-care biosensor that is both accurate and innovative, helping to save lives. Imagine a world in which heart failure can be identified at an early stage and can be prevented from actually happening by using a quick handheld biosensor that only needs a single drop of blood.

The TU/e SensUs Team would love to make this come true. We are going to put our heart and soul into the project during the coming year!

Leo van IJzendoorn

Max Scheepers

Team members
Joost Bergen
Max Bergkamp
Tim Donders
Jamy van Geemen
Lotte Hagedoorn
Gaby van Iersel
Maaike Kraamer
Amy Lucassen
Maartje Pontier
Sophie Roos
Imke van der Schoor
Paul Vernooij