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Welcome to the TruSense - ZJU Group. We explore the mysteries of life besides the amazing view of West Lake, we work on ingenious designs to develop biosensors for detecting influenza viruses. We are adhering to the spirit of seeking truth, we travel in the ocean of life science and constantly moving forward, the enthusiasm for scientific research is our driving force, the persistence of truth is our light. In order to achieve faster and more accurate detection, we will try different solutions for experiments to ensure we get the best solution finally. Our team members are all young undergraduates. We are full of energy and we believe that we can learn knowledge, gain friendship and an amazing experience in 2021 SensUs.
The stage extends as far as the heart goes. Come on! TruSense.


Liquan Huang
Professor of College of Life Sciences, Special Expert of Zhejiang Province, working on the molecular biology of taste and smell for many years, leading teacher of ZJU-TruSense. 

Tianyu Li
Coach of ZJU-TruSense. Currently, study for PhD of Life Instrument Science.

Nan Li
Yusen Wang
Xin Xu
Weijia Chen
Jianhui Gu
Xiang Lou
Yixin Ren
Tingyu Xie
Tianyi Chen
Ziyi Liu
Mengzhen Ye
Xiangjing Chen
Yibo Shao

TruSense Teampicture