The Netherlands

Eindhoven University of Technology

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We, from team Eindhoven, are fifteen students from five different departments. Seven students from the department of Biomedical Engineering (Boris Arts, Sylvia Genet, Yvonne de Hond, Rafiq Lubken, Leroy Tan, Mats Verhoeven and Kimberly Westheim), four students from the department of Chemical Engineering (Annelore Aerts, Lioba Heidendael, Robin van der Meijden and Erika van der Woude), two Electrical Engineering students (Mark Janse and Thom Scheeve) and one person from the Applied Physics department (Esmée Oudijk).

All of us have our own personal motivations to join the team, which will be published on our Facebook page. Taken broadly, most of us are attracted to the SensUs competition since it offers a chance to actually design and fabricate a device of our own that could make healthcare more efficient. Moreover, SensUs speaks to us because it is a new and challenging competition and we are therefore very motivated to show that we are capable of taking on this challenge.

As a team, we would like to learn about different kinds of biosensors and how they work. What aspects do we need to take into account? What choices do we have to make and how do these choices affect the end result? In short: we would like to learn about the process of developing biosensors. However, the SensUs project comprises more skills than just building the product. There are many other aspects such as cooperating with people with different backgrounds, keeping track of the budget and gathering sponsors. These professional skills are not something you learn when the curriculum is followed. By competing in this competition, we hope to become more professionally skilled individuals, who are aware of the scientific and non-scientific aspects of design processes.

We hope to contribute toward the development of creatinine biosensors for healthcare applications. This means that we will design and fabricate a completely new and functional biosensor prototype. Moreover, we could probably develop new technologies and gain new knowledge that helps to improve biosensors and could be applied in other devices as well.

We consider this challenge as successful when we have developed a completely functional creatinine biosensor. However, our ultimate goal is to develop a point-of-care device that can accurately determine creatinine levels using only a single drop of blood.

Team members
Annelore Aerts
Boris Arts
Yvonne de Hond
Sylvia Genet
Lioba Heidendael
Mark Janse
Rafiq Lubken
Esmée Oudijk
Thom Scheeve
Leroy Tan
Robin van der Meijden
Erika van der Woude
Mats Verhoeven
Kimberly Westheim