Enschede, The Netherlands

University of Twente

Hi everyone, we are team TwentUS ’22 representing the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences from The Netherlands. Besides that, our team is in close coöperation with the MESA+ nano technology institute. We are a group of students with different backgrounds and multiple nationalities. In our view, these aspects strengthen the team. 

Even though we entered the competition later, we are extremely motivated to bring this project to a successful conclusion, so that we can contribute to the rapid detection and treatment of sepsis in the future.

As they say in Grey's Anatomy: It’s a beautiful day to save lives. So, that’s our goal to achieve.

We’re looking forward to interacting and sharing our knowledge with the competition community and learning from each other. 

Lots of love from Twente!

Team TwentUS ‘22