Uppsala, Sweden

Uppsala University

We are an interdisciplinary team of 15 students and 2 coaches, coming from various parts of
the world, at Uppsala University. Our aim is to manufacture a biosensor for detection of
interleukin 6 (IL-6) for early-stage diagnosis of sepsis.

We wish to develop a highly sensitive,
specific, cost effective and user-friendly biosensor for rapid detection of elevated levels of
IL-6. Our goal is to build a strong team with different expertise to learn new things and
deepen our knowledge in different scientific areas at same time that we develop a novel
biosensor for IL-6 detection.

Participating in the SensUs competition provides us with an
opportunity to contribute to the improvement of patient diagnosis for conditions such as
sepsis, where monitoring of IL-6 levels is of great importance. The experience we gain from
developing and building a biosensor is something that we can employ in future challenges.

Furthermore, being part of SensUs 2022 will provide us a platform to exchange our ideas on
a global level, and it will also help us to network within healthcare and life-science sections.

With great enthusiasm, passion for the goal and dedication we will enjoy this journey
together with SensUs organization and the other participating teams to develop a biosensor
for IL-6. We are looking forward to seeing you in Eindhoven!