Professor / supervisor: Jasmina Casals-Terré

BarcelonaTech  is a multiskilled team composed by eleven biomedical engineering students, two electrical engineering. Formed by two universities UVic and UPC and headed by Jasmina Casals.

Times are changing so does the industry, 4.0 industry will be our future if not our present. SensUs represents the next generation of education model  not only focusing on one project but also helping the society and the students  to evolve and become better, innovative and competitive.

Vancomycin among other antibiotics are one of the biggest threats to global health. Although antibiotic resistance occurs naturally, misuse of antibiotics in humans is accelerating the process. This leads to longer hospital stay, higher medical costs and increased mortality.

Our aims in this competition are to develop a precise and useful biosensor which can detect the amount of vancomycin in blood as well as, being portable and environmentally friendly.

Lab-on-a-chip based device will trigger immediately unbelievable number of research ideas in healthcare pushing it to the next level. We think this purpose is absolutely amazing and the reduction of time and cost will lead global homogenization of society.

We consider ourselves as a very positive students and thorough when it comes to develop a system or a design. Furthermore, we strongly believe that teamwork is key as well as communication. It is a pleasure to be able to take part in this competition. The combination between  technology and medicine has always been our passion. There are a lot of things yet to learn but this occasion would be a positive gain of knowledge in this area.