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SensUs 2018

The theme of SensUs 2018 is Measuring antibiotics for better healthcare.

SensUs 2018 challenges student teams to develop innovative biosensing systems for the measurement of the antibiotic drug vancomycin.

On the 7th and 8h of September 2018, all participating teams came to Eindhoven to demonstrate their biosensors to the world!


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An international competition

SensUs is a yearly international student competition on sensors for health. By involving students, industry, and academia we strive to accelerate the development of sensors for health for a better future.

During SensUs 2018, students from all over the world competed to make the best biosensor for vancomycin, an antibiotic. On 7 and 8 September 2018 the teams showcased their biosensors at Eindhoven University of Technology. Their biosensors were judged on multiple criteria such as analytical performance, creativity, and industrialization potential, by representatives of academia, industry, and healthcare.

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Our goals and objectives

What is SensUs?


In the future, healthcare will be all about personalized medicine, monitoring health with small and precise systems at any time.


Stimulate the development of sensors for health in a friendly competitive manner whereby students make and design innovative biosensors.


Each year, a societally impactful disease and molecular marker are chosen as objective in collaboration with different stakeholders.
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