University of Lisbon

LxUs is a multidisciplinary team raised from scratch by students from the University of Lisbon. By working with people from several scientific backgrounds, together with our professors, we want to put our abilities and skills to the test so we can have a positive impact on society.

With that in mind, our team gathers highly motivated students from Biomedical Engineering, Physics and Physical Engineering. All these degrees widen the range of technical knowledge we can bring to the project, which makes us perfectly suited to overcome the challenges of a biosensor’s development. However, because of the specificity of the project, we also joined forces with some remarkable Pharmaceutical Sciences students, whose contribution will be crucial for the manipulation of molecular structures, for instance, the tagging of the pharmaceutical agent we want to detect.

Our main goal is to show the rest of the world what Portuguese students are capable of, what we can accomplish, especially those coming from the University of Lisbon, proving that even with limited resources we can achieve ambitious goals. Our aim is to develop a viable means of detecting Adalimumab with the best accuracy, time efficiency and affordability possible.

The ultimate purpose for this project is for our device to reach the highest number of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, improving both their treatment and overall quality of life.



Hugo Alexandre Teixeira Duarte Ferreira

Team members
Nuno Miguel Cabecinhas Gonçalves
Rita das Neves Alves Maçorano
Maria Francisca Sirgado da Luz Canais
Ana Dorropio Nascimento
Rita Beatriz Ruivo Alves
Beatriz Trindade de Donato
Bruno Alexandre Costa dos Santos
Pedro Filipe Pereira Francisco
Maria João Baptista Quitério
Alexandra Sofia Antunes de Sousa
Mariana Selas Figueira
Afonso Santos Pourfarzaneh
Catarina da Fonseca Pinto
Rafael Franco Freire Rocha Almada
Francisco José Martins Peguinho Sequeira