The future of healthcare

An important aim in healthcare is to keep people healthy as long as possible and to enable people in need of care to live a high-quality life in their own environments. Healthcare is developing toward a world wherein care is delivered in a highly personalized manner, attuned to the status of the patient, based on actual, precise, and reliable data. This is where biosensors play a big role.


The mission of the SensUs Student Competition is to stimulate the development of biosensors in a friendly competitive manner whereby students make and design innovative biosensors. Each year, a societally impactful indicator of health is chosen as an objective in collaboration with different stakeholders.

The Teams

We focus on open innovation, where teams share their experience and technologies with each other. All the Teams consist of talents with different backgrounds from all over the world. They think differently about world problems and how they can be solved. Every Team is linked towards a research group, which each got its own expertise. By giving the Teams the freedom to choose and develop their own measuring techniques, the SensUs Competition results in a large range of new innovative technologies.

The Teams



During the SensUs Competition the teams can win four awards: 

The Analytical Performance award goes to the Team with the biosensor that functions best, in terms of measurement accuracy, speed, and required sample volume.

The Creativity award relates to the technological novelty of the biosensors and to the way how the Teams have worked during their development process. 

The Translation Potential award is about the plans of the Teams to bring their bio-sensor from a prototype to a product that can be used in society. Will the product meet the needs of doctors and patients, and will it be suited for industrial production?

The Public Inspiration award gives recognition to the Teams that best inspire the public. The award is based on the votes from the public, who see the presentations, pitches, and demonstrations of the teams.

Awards 2021


Medals are proof of each Team's devotion to the SensUs Competition. These improve collaboration between our stakeholders and our teams and give the teams something extra for the promotion they do outside of the SensUs Competition.

You can find the activities the Teams have to do for each medal below.


Success Stories

The international SensUs Competition challenges multidisciplinary teams of students to develop innovative biosensors for real-life applications. The Teams consist of students of varying ages, education, and experience. This results in a wide range of creative ideas that are implemented in their prototypes. The SensUs Competition is the start of an innovative journey. Curious about the successes of the Teams? Find more information in the article below.

Success Stories

Rules and Regulations

Interested in the rules and regulations of the SensUs Student Competition? Find out more by clicking on the link below.

Rules and Regulations

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