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The SensUs Organization is a team of highly motivated students that use their knowledge and skills to organize a Student Competition in the field of biosensors. During their time at SensUs, they can develop their skills as an entrepreneur by taking on various challenges and opportunities for innovation.

Are you a motivated student and want to aquire a new set of skills next to your studies? Then SensUs is something for you! You can read more about our organization and its dynamics below!

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What will you do?

Below you find several positions that are open in our organization. In addition to these positions, you can develop yourself doing smaller projects, e.g. innovate this very website, organize a competition for high school students, develop a course for professionals or a different project you come up with.

This is what makes SensUs unique. You can choose your own challenges, your own tasks and shape your own development. We create the innovative enviroment within the organization to let you explore your interests.

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Lead an international organization

Chairs & Co

The Chairs & Co Department is responsible for maintaining an overview over the whole Organization, including the treasury and the contact with the outside world.

The roles that are part of the Chairs & Co are:

  • Chair
  • Vice-chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer




chairs and co
Create an amazing SensUs Event


The Events Department is responsible for the logistics of the SensUs Innovation Days. You learn organizational skills and leadership qualities.

The main tasks of Events are:

  • Make the scenario for the Innovation Days
  • Negotiate with external companies
  • Arrange a keynote speaker and Master of Ceremonies
  • Make decoration- and floorplans for the location





Put SensUs on the corporate map

External Relations

The External Relations Department is responsible for the contact with the partners of SensUs. You learn to acquire new partners and to improve your professional business skills.

A couple of activities of External Relations are:

  • Maintain professional partnerships
  • Acquire new partners
  • Organize multiple partner sessions with the teams





Create the largest social media audience

Public Relations

The Public Relations Department is responsible for the publicity of SensUs. You learn how to place SensUs in the spotlight and to make it interesting for the broader public. Other tasks are managing the social media accounts and designing catching banners, articles and posters.

Public Relations is more than that, the main activities are:

  • Exposing SensUs to the outside world
  • Writing interviews with patients and experts
  • Get into contact with relevant foundations
  • Design promotional materials
  • Post on the SensUs social media accounts




Public relations
Determine the theme of next year


The Technology Department is responsible for the technological aspects of SensUs. You learn to write scientific reports, communicate with experts and professionals in the field of biosensing and healthcare, and think critically about complex problems.

Some tasks of the Technology Department are:

  • Consult experts and professionals for their technical expertise
  • Research and determine the theme and biomarker of next year
  • Make a sample preparation plan for the Testing Event and assess it in the laboratory
  • Create a SensUs wikipedia page about the theme






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