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The SensUs Student Competition leaves students with a sense of success and knowledge by combining their abilities in engineering, leadership, and teamwork. Their experience with SensUs will greatly impact their future and the advancement of healthcare technologies.

Are you a group of students with the same ambitions for innovation in healthcare? Are you looking to develop your skills as a scientist, engineer, and entrepreneur? Then joining the SensUs Student Competition will be a great source of experience for you!

Below you will find a roadmap for joining our competition as a student team!

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1. Discussion with the chair of the SensUs Advisory Board (SAB)

The SensUs organization asks the chair of the SAB, Menno Prins, to have an online meeting with the professor(s) interested to recruit and guide a SensUs student team. The chair of the SAB and the professor(s) speak about technological expertise, the guidance of the student team, the philosophy of SensUs, motivation, availability of labs, management endorsement, safety trainings for the students, timelines, etc.

You can contact the SensUs Organization at


2. Formal application letter from the university

The professor(s) of the university provide the chair of the SAB with a formal application letter from the management of the university. The letter should express that the management supports the participation in SensUs. The letter should explicitly state that (i) the professor(s) can spend time on recruiting and guiding the team, (ii) the students will get access to laboratories and will receive the necessary safety trainings, and (iii) the team will get financial support from the university (to set up a website, buy materials, equipment, etc).


3. Advice from SensUs professors

The chair of the SAB shares the application letter with all professors of the SensUs universities, in order to collect their remarks and their votes on the addition of the new university. The results are discussed in the SAB and the advice is sent to the chairs of the SensUs Organization.


4. Decision by SensUs Organization

The SensUs Organization takes the decision and communicates it to the professor(s).

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