École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

We are a team of 11 motivated Master students, 5 girls and 6 boys. We have background in Microengineering, Bioengineering and Life Sciences at EPFL. We believe that this interdisciplinary aspect makes us a stronger team and we will learn a lot from each other.  On the top of that, we share a common minor in biomedical applications and this is this interest which brought us together to compete in SensUs.

This year the project is about creating a biomedical test able to detect Adalimumab a drug to cure rheumatoid arthritis, the need for this device is quite important now days approximately 10-30% of patients do not respond to the drug and 23-46% of patients loss the response over time.  We are excited to develop a reliable, fast, and cheap biosensors for a real cause. This will be the opportunity to enhance our skills, creativity, but also learn about teamwork.

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Philippe Renaud

Team members
Alexandre Daeniker
Aude Sagnimorte
Brahim Ben Hamouda
Lénaïc Frehner
Ludovic Giezendanner
Clara Viatte
Emile Bourban
Katia Schalk
Mark Conti
Raluca-Maria Cucu
Marion Perier

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