Zhejiang University

TruSense consists of 14 undergraduate students and 1 master candidate from Zhejiang University, whose majors vary from clinical medicine, biological technology, agronomy, plants protection, computer science to finance, under the guidance of Professor Liquan Huang and PhD student Tianyu Li.

We are going to work together in the following months to build a cost-effective biosensor system for VPA with high accuracy and short response time. Also, we will conceive a business model to promote the translation of our innovative biosensor from bench to bed, improving patients’ quality of life eventually. According to our interest and individual capabilities, our team is divided into three groups, each of which is responsible for developing principles, designing devices, and conceiving business models, respectively. On the other hand, the three groups work together seamlessly to stimulate new ideas and produce a commonly desired VPA sensor with our various expertise from different fields.

Both the fabulous contest and the need of VPA medical field are motivating our innovation capabilities. As a team, we are looking forward to the SensUs Innovation Days and to presenting our exciting results next summer in Eindhoven!

About the supervisors

Prof. Liquan Huang graduated from Yale University with a PhD degree in molecular biology, and has been working on the molecular mechanisms of taste and olfactory sensations, and developed some in vitro and in vivo biosensors for detecting tastants and odorants.

Tianyu Li got her bachelor’s degree of clinical medicine and now is a PhD student majoring in biomedical engineering in Zhejiang University, working on the biomedical sensing research. She has the experience of International Genetically Engineered Machine competition, and is willing to offer guidance to the team members.


Liquan Huang
Tianyu Li

Team members
Yuyang Yuan
Ian Chew
YuQing Zheng
Yuyao Feng
Yusen Wang
Zhe Chen
Yiqiao Sun
Haoyu Wu
Zhichao Ye
Yiran Zhang
Zhongpu Diao
Zhaodong Yang
Yifan Wang
Zilling Zhang
Wenhao Pan