The American University in Cairo

AUSense is a multidisciplinary team from The American University in Cairo. Our team consists of 9 graduate and undergraduate students with diverse backgrounds that include Chemistry, Biology, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, and Computer Science. We are very excited to participate in the SensUs competition and to be given the opportunity to develop an innovative solution for epileptic patients. Together, we hope to overcome the technical and marketing challenges associated with developing and designing an integrated biosensing solution.

The AUSense biosensor would hopefully allow our users to immediately monitor the amount of valproic acid in the blood, automatically report it to his/her doctor and recommend treatment plan according to his/her condition. Using IoT, the biosensor is to be associated with a mobile application for better user experience and communication. Our main vision is to provide a better living for over 5 million Egyptian patients and their families.

About the supervisor

Dr. Hassan Azzazy is the chair of the Department of Chemistry at AUC. He has over 28 years of experience in biomedical research, and the development of novel diagnostics, in addition to co-founding two nanomedicine startup companies.


Hassan Azzazy

Bishoy Abib 
Abdelrahman Nabih 
Aya Allam 
Sohila Rabie 
Rofida Zaghlol 
Antonios Farouk 
Zahraa Gamal