University of Lisbon

The LxUs team is constituted by a multidisciplinary group of undergraduate and master’s students, from Biomedical Engineering, to Pharmaceutical Sciences, Health Sciences, all the way to Biochemistry. Despite our different backgrounds, we are above all united by science and by the will to improve the quality of life of patients.

Regarding the challenge that was set by the Competition in the present year, we are really excited about the idea of being able to contribute towards epilepsy treatment. Being a condition with no cure yet to be found, it becomes even clearer the importance of exploring different treatment’s monitorization systems.

Thus, this competition gives us the opportunity of being part of a creation process from the very first stage where the problem is defined, all the way to final prototype development . We believe this will enable each one of us to work in a various set of skills related not only to the technological component of the process, but also the entrepreneurial side for instance.

All of this is what drives us towards this common goal and all of the consequent learnings from this project will definitely be an important mark in our academic life.

About the supervisors

Hugo Ferreira is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, where he teaches Nanotechnology in Biomedicine, Tissue Engineering and Artificial Organs, and Medical Robotics. At IBEB his current research topics include brain connectivity, classification of neuroimaging and neurophysiological signals, physiological computing and human-machine interfaces.

Rita Maçorano is a Biomedical Engineering and Biophysics student at Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, who was the team captain of a previous edition of SensUs competition. Rita Maçorano is also the co-founder and CEO at NEVARO, a digital platform for clinics that enables a faster and safer patient recovery at lower costs and in a easy access way.


Hugo Ferreira
Rita Maçorano

Filipa Baltazar
Camila Costa
Teresa Marcelino
Vasco Marques da Silva
Carolina Piçarra
Giovanni Rovinelli
Salomé Santos
Duarte Saraiva
Francisco Sequeira
Inês Silvério
Melissa Teixeira