From 23rd until 27th of August 2021, SensUs will once again offer an express Venture Building Program powered by HighTechXL! During the five-day program, your Team will learn everything about the potential of your business proposition and come into contact with HighTechXL, The Netherlands’ premier deep-tech accelerator.

If you want to develop your Team and product beyond the SensUs Competition or if you have not been in the SensUs Competition but your team’s idea is related to healthcare, this is your golden opportunity!

In the program, we will give you the opportunity to:

  • Network and get in contact with stakeholders in the field of biosensing to show and elaborate your technical- and business proposal. 
  • Work with experts who will push you and your idea to the next level via interactive online workshops, feedback, and mentor sessions.
  • Get supervised by business experts to guide you through all the ins and outs of developing a business. 
  • Engage with the other Teams via fun activities.

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VBP program

At the end of the program, you’ll better understand the potential of your business proposition. You may even advance to the nine-month Venture Building Program at HighTechXL after this enlightening week and become the next fast-growing tech company.

For any questions, regarding the program or other concerns, please contact vbp@sensus.org.