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Team Results Document


Much like Imhotep, the ancient Egyptian polymath who was an architect, engineer and a physician, our team harbors several different disciplines and backgrounds. Our current seven members have expertise in Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biology, Mechanical engineering and Mechatronics.

We all love a good competition as well as working in challenging environments. We think that by joining SensUs we can push our own envelope and bring ourselves to solve a real-life clinical problem.

On our SensUs journey, we also hope to develop ourselves as experts in our respective fields, and learn how to find solutions, troubleshoot problems, utilize available technologies in novel applications, find our ways around market logistics and global healthcare system demands, build and lead a strong coherent team and, most importantly, work efficiently.

Our aim is to build a functional smart biosensor that is innovative, accurate, affordable and easy to use. We believe in our ability to combine medical evidence, bio- and nano- technologies as well as device design and manufacturing capabilities to ultimately create an efficient solution. When this solution is reached, we will consider ourselves successful.

Hassan Azzazy

Team members
Abobakr Salamah
Ahmed El-Baz
Ahmed Koptan
Ahmed Yamany
Alaa Ahmed
David Salama
Mayada Mazher
Mohamed Shahawy
Nada Moustafa
Yehia Gab-Allah