SensUs Startups

With SensUs Startups we aim to support SensUs student teams with startup ambitions, academics involved in the valorization of new molecular biosensing technologies, and other people with scientific inventions with inadequate entrepreneurial knowledge. Support can involve topics such as experience sharing between startups who are facing challenges and who have passed it, network building of biosensing-minded stakeholders, and education in for example patents and regulative business models. To prepare these startups for entry into established programs.

Startup event

During the SensUs Startup Event, the students will be inspired and motivated to start their own company in the field of biosensing. Entrepreneurs and a previous SensUs team will share their experiences, tips, and tricks. The event consists of a combination of presentations and discussions.

Startup event

Success stories

During the SensUs Innovation Days, even more events are organized that help the SensUs Teams live out their ambition to become entrepreneurs. Each year, more of these projects are started to help more and more teams develop a business from their prototypes. However, the SensUs Innovation Days are only the start of an innovative journey. Curious about the successes of the teams? Find more information in the article below.

Success Stories