SensUs Event 2021

SensUs 2021 challenges ambitious students from all over the globe to form a student Team and start developing an innovative biosensing system for detecting an acute respiratory viral infection by measuring Influenza A in saliva. Influenza is seen by experts to be a possibility for the next global pandemic. Being in the middle of the global Covid-19 pandemic, SensUs looks into the future by challenging student Teams to focus on rapidly measuring the Influenza A virus and expanding the field of biosensors for acute respiratory viruses. 

On the 3rd of September 2021, the whole world can watch talented students prove that they are innovative and stimulate the field of personalized medicine. In front of students, experts, industry, patients, and healthcare professionals, the Teams will present their biosensing systems for acute respiratory viruses.


What will happen?

The student Teams will work together for more than 8 months to conceptualize, design, build, and test their own biosensing device and will show it to the world during the SensUs Event 2021. In these months, they will be in contact with experts, partners, and healthcare professionals to make their biosensors as innovative as possible. During the SensUs Event week, the biosensors of the Teams are tested at their own university due to corona. Online, everyone can watch their work and the Teams can be inspired by the innovations of others. 

More information about the SensUs Event 2021 can be found in the program booklet. 




Here you can see the full program of the SensUs Event 2021. The Event will be fully online via the Microsoft Teams platform.





Full program


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