SensUs Event 2022

SensUs 2022 challenges ambitious students from all over the globe to form a student Team and start developing an innovative biosensing system for detecting acute inflammation, focussing on sepsis.

17 international teams from 14 different countries are expected to develop innovative biosensing systems to detect interleukin-6 (IL-6) in blood. IL-6 is a biomarker for acute inflammation and it can reach high concentrations in case of sepsis, a life-threatening condition triggered by infection. Therefore, IL-6 is an important marker for early diagnosis and monitoring of sepsis.

During the SensUs Innovation Days, from August 30th to September 3rd, 2022, the teams will present their innovative biosensors.


What will happen?

The student teams will work together for more than 8 months to conceptualize, design, build, and test their own biosensing device and will show it to the world during the SensUs Innovation Days 2022. In these months, they will be in contact with experts, partners, and healthcare professionals to make their biosensors as innovative as possible.



Eindhoven University of Technology

Groene Loper 3

5612 AE Eindhoven

The Netherlands