After 9 months of designing, building and testing...

SensUs event 2017

SensUs 2017 represents the second edition of the SensUs student competition. Between November 2016 and September 2017 teams have been designing, building, and testing biosensor systems, aiming at the detection of a selected cardiovascular biomarker (NT-proBNP) in blood plasma. In September 2017 all teams will come to Eindhoven University of Technology for the final testing event and public event. Last year, 5 universities participated in SensUs 2016. In SensUs 2017 there are 10 different international universities competing with each other.

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Friday 8th of September 2017
Saturday 9th of September 2017

Auditorium Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
Den Dolech 2
5612 AZ Eindhoven

Are you a student at the TU/e?


Are you a student at the Technical University Eindhoven and do you not have all your USE points?

Good news! On Saturday the 9th of September, you can earn a USE point if you attend the whole program.

Please write down your student number at the beginnen and end of the program in front of the Blauwe Zaal.

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Friday 8th of September 2017
Walk in
Opening speech in the hall of TU/e Auditorium

A short introduction by Menno Prins and Danny van der Haven about the program of the day, the jury process and the testing rounds.

Testing rounds + market + pitches

All 10 teams will demonstrate their sensors by testing samples that the organization has prepared. Also, each team will have a stand on the market where they will explain to the public how their biosensor works. Partners of SensUs will present themselves on this market. Furthermore, each team will give two pitches: one pitch about the technology of their sensor, and one about the translation potential.

Read more about the biosensors of the teams here!

Closing and networking drink
Saturday 9th of September 2017
Opening in TU/e Auditorium

Our master of ceremonies, Barry Fitzgerald, will open this innovation day. Anne de Dreu will introduce the theme of this year, heart failure, and the biomarker that the teams have to detect, NT-proBNP.

Check out this interview to learn more about Barry Fitzgerald!

One minute team pitches

All teams will give a one-minute pitch to explain to the public why their biosensor should win and what is so good about it.

Market + 5 minute team pitches + activities/workshops

Each team will have a stand on the market where they explain to the public how their biosensor works. Partners of SensUs will also present themselves on this market. Furthermore, each team will give a 5-minute presentation. Workshops by various partners can be visited. And also highschool students will give a presentation.

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Zayna Khayat will give a presentation on exciting developments in the field of sensors for health. Dr. Khayat completed a PhD in biochemistry from the University of Toronto and thereafter specialized in consultancy for healthcare innovation. She is currently on secondment from Toronto (Canada) to the REshape Health Innovation Centre at Radboud University Medical Centre in Nijmegen.

Award ceremony

The four different awards will be awarded to the winning teams by our expert jury.

Detailed information...

Pitch Program Friday

Friday Technical Pitches:

14:10-14:20 Belgium Carediobit
14:20-14:30 United Kingdom (London) IC SensUs
14:30-14:40 Germany SensAble
14:40-14:50 Denmark DeTectUs
14:50-15:00 USA SensNC
15:00-15:10 Sweden UppSense
15:10-15:20 Switzerland Swissense
15:20-15:30 Egypt AUC Imhoteps
15:30-15:40 United Kingdom (Glasgow) GlasGo
15:40-15:50 The Netherlands T.E.S.T.

Friday Translational Pitches:

14:10-14:20 The Netherlands T.E.S.T.
14:20-14:30 United Kingdom (Glasgow) GlasGo
14:30-14:40 Egypt AUC Imhoteps
14:40-14:50 Switzerland Swissense
14:50-15:00 Sweden UppSense
15:00-15:10 USA SensNC
15:10-15:20 Denmark DeTectUs
15:20-15:30 Germany SensAble
15:30-15:40) United Kingdom (London) IC SensUs
15:40-15:50 Belgium Carediobit


Detailed information...

Pitch Program Saturday

Saturday 1 minute Pitches:

13:10-13:12 Sweden UppSense
13:12-13:14 Egypt AUC Imhoteps
13:14-13:16 United Kingdom (London) IC SensUs
13:16-13:18 USA SensNC
13:18-13:20 Switzerland Swissense
13:20-13:22 United Kingdom (Glasgow) GlasGo
13:22-13:24 Germany IC SensUs
13:24-13:26 Belgium Carediobit
13:26-13:28 The Netherlands T.E.S.T.
13:28-13:30 Denmark DeTectUs

Saturday 5 minute Pitches:

13:40-13:50 Germany IC SensUs
13:50-14:00 Sweden UppSense
14:00-14:10 United Kingdom (Glasgow) GlasGo
14:10-14:20 Egypt AUC Imhoteps
14:20-14:30 Belgium Carediobit
14:30-14:40 Switzerland Swissense
14:40-14:50 USA SensNC
14:50-15:00 The Netherlands T.E.S.T.
15:00-15:10 United Kingdom (London) IC SensUs
15:10-15:20 Denmark DeTectUs

Saturday: High School Students + 3 Sponsors:

13:45-14:00 Hytest company presentation
14:00-14:10 High school group 1
14:10-14:20 Lifetec
14:20-14:30 High school group 2
14:30-14:40 Xeltis
14:40-14:50 High school group 3
14:50-15:05 Hytest scientific presentation