KU Leuven

SynoSense is this year’s incredibly motivated interdisciplinary team of 15 science students representing the KU Leuven at the fourth edition of the SensUs competition. Our team is composed of students from eight different backgrounds covering all necessary aspects and giving us a broad range of perspectives.

Although our education backgrounds are mainly focussed on theoretical and technical aspects, we realize that these projects require much more than raw subject-specific knowledge. SensUs allows us to develop all skills necessary to take our innovative ideas and turn them into a valuable product. We see this competition as an excellent learning experience that will greatly contribute to our personal development as young scientist.

Although we all share a common goal for this competition, our reasons for participating are as diverse as the team. Nevertheless, we are all driven by knowing that our work can have a positive impact on many individuals. We see this project as a way to channel our efforts and knowledge into a real-life product that contributes directly to a better society.

SynoSense is ready to take on the challenge and is eager to invest all its time, energy and shared ambition into this collaborative enterprise. Under the guidance of qualified coaches and prof. Jeroen Lammertyn, the KU Leuven team will once again aim for gold.



Jeroen Lammertyn

Team members
Bárcenas Gallardo Alicia
Bulcaen Mattijs
Nanjappan Chezhiyan
Ciwińska Marta
Guluzade Sona
Gutierrez Carolina
Janssens Xander
Kornblum Sophie
Lu Yuansheng
Macoye Lorenz
Marolt Nika
Rutten Eline
Sandra Louis
Van Tricht Charlotte
Vanhauwaert Eline