The American University in Cairo

We are a multidisciplinary team from different backgrounds working motivated to work together to develop a biosensor that can help many in need. We plan on exploiting our resources (including time) to their maximum potential in order to present a fully-functional and successful biosensor.

Team member are currently from 3 different backgrounds and are expecting to add more members a s we go along. Backgrounds are: Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science.



Hassan Azzazy

Team members
Omar Ashraf Abdelhamid El-Sayyad
Dania Abdeldayem
Namir Sayed Mahmoud Elkhouly
Omar Khoshala
Asser Emad Ismail Hangal
Habiba Tarek
Ghada Mohamed Adly Helmy
Asser Oraby
Mohab Amr Abdelaziz Eltemsahy Hassan
Karim Rafik
Laila Abdelaziz Abdelmoniem Elfeky