RWTH Aachen

Our team consists of 10 peopl e- 5 from Electrical Engineering, 2 from Biomedical, 2 from Marketing Management and 1 from Computer Science background . Our goal, through our participation in this competition, is to be of some help to the patients suffering from the very painful disease of Rheumatoid Arthritis. We want to develop a biosensor which can help the patients track the levels of the biomarker from the comforts of their home. As we prepare ourselves for the competition, we really want to delve deep into how the biomarker can be of aid to the patients and develop a plausible solution accordingly. The main motive of our team is not just to make profit from the model but to utilize our technical knowhow to solve a critical problem prevailing in the medical industry. After the competition, we will try to make our sensor available to all the patients (irrespective of their financial condition). As we embark on this long journey, we hope to get the required support from the stakeholders and wish to make a significant impact on the lives of people!

Sven Ingebrandt

Team members
Apurva Roy
Gayatri Vasudevan Rajeswari
Arka Dipta Das
Dibyendu Khan
Felix Burkhard
Zhu Chenxu
Aparna Sai Malisetty
Rui Jun Yao
Aby Valiyaveettil Ajith
Sushil Jacob